My Marriage Rocks because...

Michele and Husband

My marriage rocks because no matter what issues come up in our relationship we work as a team to get through the problem. He's my best friend and I'm his. We talk a lot and pray for one another.


Rick and Wife


Simply put, being married brings us both blessings daily. Working together on being married, makes both of us better individually. A moment of action has led to a lifetime of blessing!


The Bedfords

Our Marriage Rocks because we are free to be ourselves with no judgment and we support each other through all scenarios and situations. Nothing or No one comes between us.. -The Bedford's

Shanna and Husband

My husband and I have been through thick and thin. He has stood by my side and took care of our kids while I was in the military. He takes care of me now that I'm disabled. I love him so much.

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