Vida Brown

Vida Brown

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Quality Time!

There’s No Time to Fit THAT into My Marriage.

Spending quality time with your spouse on a consistent basis is easier said than done.  Life is busy.  If you have a full-time job, multiple kids, other family-related obligations, household responsibilities and on and on, you’re probably running around like a chicken with its head cut off from the moment your alarm sounds. Personally, most days, I don’t know if I’m coming or going. It’s a sheer miracle that I get all the “essentials” taken care of daily.  If the same holds true for you, you may be thinking, there just isn’t enough time in the day for quality time with my spouse.

Welcome to our inaugural blog post!

This blog will allow us the opportunity for “Real Talk.”  Derrick and I absolutely believe in the beauty of marriage.  We believe that married, committed and happy actually exists.  We believe that there are millions of marriages out there that are ROCKIN!  But, we also know that marriage is not a fairy tale.  It takes work.  No matter how connected and committed a couple may be, their marriage will experience ups and downs.  And make no mistake, we get it that some of those downs would annihilate other couples.  That said, we believe that there is no obstacle out there that a couple can’t overcome if they desire to stay married.   Marriage ultimately is a choice and if you choose it, it will survive the test of time.

Derrick and Vida

How did you meet?

It was April, 2007. My cousin and I were at a party at a mutual friend’s house and we were in the kitchen fixing ourselves a plate of food. Derrick and another gentleman entered the room.  My cousin and I looked at Derrick, and then at each other.  He was handsome! I’m sure our facial expressions said it all.  Derrick and I made eye contact for a few seconds, but, after that, nothing.  He seemed to ignore me.

A couple of hours later I was sitting in a chair checking messages on my cell phone when, in my peripheral vision, I noticed him walking by.  He stopped, turned around, and asked, “Were you staring at my butt?”  “Huh. You must be joking,” I said.  “No,” he said. “You were staring at my butt.  I could feel it.” It was a little corny, but I laughed, and it broke the ice.  So much so that we talked non-stop for three hours.  There was sooooooo much chemistry.  From that day forward, he pursued me, and I mean pursued me diligently.