Recovering from infidelity is hard. But with work, it can be done.  Not only can your marriage recover, but you can fully restore trust in your marriage. 


You already know that forgiving your spouse is essential to rebuilding the trust, but to fully restore the trust takes more. Our FREE webinar, The Aftermath of Infidelity: How Do I Trust Again?, will not only teach you the process to fully restore the trust, but give you specific exercises to actually do it.


Why are we so confident our process works? Well, several years ago, Derrick and I experienced this issue. We almost didn’t survive it, but we did, following the process and doing the exercises we will be sharing with you. Now, we're closer than ever, and using this process, we've helped other couples rebuild and restore trust in their marriage after infidelity.  We are so passionate about helping couples in this area and, yes, that includes you.  




Before I share the logisticslet me tell you who this webinar is PERFECT for...


This webinar is PERFECT for you if you’re trying to figure out if you want your marriage in light of the infidelity.

This webinar is PERFECT for you if you’ve made a decision to trust your spouse again, but don't know how to translate that decision into actually trusting your spouse.

This webinar is PERFECT for you if you are in wait-and-see mode.

This webinar is PERFECT for you if the Wall of China is around your heart.


In a nutshell, this webinar is PERFECT for you if want to trust again and are ready and committed to implementing specific steps to do just that – TRUST Your Spouse Again.




Don't delay.  This webinar has limited space and will fill up.  We almost never offer our webinars for free, as our clients pay hundreds of dollars for our coaching services, but because we are so passionate about this issue, we are making it available to a limited number of participants. We hope that includes you.  


With this webinar, you get

  •  the step-by-step process we used to fully rebuild trust in our marriage.
  • the individual and couple exercises we provide our clients to enable them to rebuild and restore trust in their marriage.
  • to submit questions prior to the event so we can cover your issues during the presentation or during the Q&A.


This webinar is a coaching session.  So come ready to take notes. Understand that after this content-rich session, you will have specific exercises to do individually and as a couple to rebuild the trust.


Webinar Date: March 5, 2015
Time: 8 pm, EST
Duration: 60 Minutes


Worried that you won’t be able to make it on the 5th or at 8 pm, EST? Don’t worry. The event is being recorded and will be available for replay for 48 hours after the event for registrants. You can listen in as often as you’d like. Simply go to the event page link you will receive after registration.


So what are you waiting for. Register now! Space is limited!




 Remember, every day is a new opportunity to move your marriage forward.


Davida and Derrick Brown

Davida Brown

Vida Brown

I am on FIRE for the institution of marriage.  My passion is equipping couples with the necessary tools to have a marriage that thrives. 

In today's world, we are bombarded with negative images surrounding the institution of marriage.  We constantly hear that half of marriages fail, that it's okay to leave your marriage when things get a little rough, that divorce isn't a big deal, that those in long-term marriages aren't really happy.  I don't accept these proclamations as truths.  I know firsthand that you can have a happy and thriving marriage.  The choice is up to you.

Are you considering marriage? Do you have a so-so marriage and want more?  Are you and your spouse experiencing a specific issue in your marriage, such as infidelity, and need assistance resolving it?  My gift is helping you, as a couple, identify what's important to you and your marriage, develop a tailored plan for success in every key area of your marriage, and implement that plan with proven tips and strategies for marital success.

As a certified marriage coach, I have coached couples around the world, helping them maximize the potential in their marriage. I would love the opportunity to help you.




Official Bio

Davida Brown is a marriage enthusiast.  Disgruntled with the negative portrayal of marriage in the media, Davida co-founded Marriage Rocks, LLC., a company dedicated to changing negative societal views on the institution of marriage. 

An ambassador for marriage, Davida launched,, an online platform that showcases happily married couples from around the world, and gives couples practical, proven tips and strategies for a marriage that will work, thrive and last a lifetime.  A practicing attorney, writer, author, and certified marriage coach, Davida uses her skills to help couples identify issues or areas of concern in their marriage, implement a plan of action to address those issues, and measure the success of that plan through accountability metrics.

Davida is particularly passionate about helping couples dealing with infidelity.  A survivor of infidelity, Davida and her husband developed a signature process to help couples that want to save their marriage after infidelity.  In her book, The Trust Is Gone. Help!, Davida coaches couples on how to rebuild the trust, and gives the specific exercises to complete individually and as couple to move beyond the infidelity.

A speaker on marriage-related issues, Davida has been featured on various radio and television program stations, including WPGC, Urban Family Talk Radio, and Channel 8 News.  She's also been featured on numerous blogs, including Superwoman Lifestyle, and in magazines, including Our Health Matters.





Commit and Dip Challenge

Vida Brown


Are you married? If you answered yes, we CHALLENGE you and your spouse to "Commit and Dip." 


Getting married was one of the biggest, if not biggest, decision you'll ever make.  Why not protect it?  "Commit and Dip" is a fun, proactive way to help divorce-proof your marriage. When you "Commit and Dip", you declare to yourselves and the world that you commit/recommit to put God first in your marriage and make your marriage a priority - two things we believe are vital to a long-lasting marriage.  Then, you seal that commitment with a "Dip."  

Here's how it works:

Shoot a video of you and your spouse (selfie videos can work) doing the following:

(1) stating you accept the "Marriage Rocks Commit and Dip Challenge",

(2) declaring that you commit/recommit to put God first in your marriage and to make your marriage a priority, and

(3) sealing the commitment with a dip (small, big or FUNKY. It's up to you. Add in a kiss if you like).


Then post your video on our Facebook "Marriagerocks" Fan Page, your personal Facebook page, twitter and any other social medium of your choice with the hash tag, "MRCommitandDip."  In your post, nominate two other couples to take the challenge within 48 hours.  We're counting on you to help this Challenge go viral.  Not only will your participation in the Challenge light a fire in your marriage, it can show the world that being married, committed & happy is possible.

As an added bonus, couples that join the website and post their video on our "Connect" page will be entered into a pool to receive a free marital coaching session with us.  Each week, we will choose the couple with the best "dip", and highlight that couple and their video on the "Connect" page.  That couple is eligible to receive the free consultation.

We can't wait to see you "Commit and Dip." And yes, Derrick and I have accepted the challenge. See our "Commit and Dip" clip below.


Download: Download Now


Key Notes and Work Shops

Are you organizing a marriage-centered conference and brainstorming keynote speakers and breakout sessions? Are you looking for a speaker that can inspire married couples and help them re-ignite the passion and commitment in their marriage? If so, Derrick and I, the founders of Marriage Rocks, would love to speak to your group. 

As a married couple, we understand firsthand the challenges of marriage.  We also know that if couples have the right mind set, a desire to be married, and a plan for success, they can be married, committed and happy.  Derrick and I are on fire for marriage.  We’d love the opportunity to help your audience members remember why they chose to be married and remind them of the beauty and power of this vital institution.

Primary Workshops:

  • Conflict Management - We tackle the root cause of conflict and provide practical ways to help couples identify, prevent, and manage conflict in their marriage.
  • How to STAY on fire for your marriage - We share our 8 keys to staying connected to your spouse and keeping the fire alive for a lifetime.
  • The Aftermath of Infidelity - We tackle this common issue and provide practical tips to enable couples to move beyond it and forward in their marriage.


Marital Coaching

We all need coaches and motivators to help us be our very best.  The same holds true for your marriage.  Derrick and I are dedicated to helping couples elevate their marriage from good to thriving. 

Coaching is different from counseling.  Counseling is necessary if your marriage is in crisis or if you are on the brink of a divorce.  Coaching on the other hand provides information, mentoring and concrete, practical steps to help you take your marriage to the next level and achieve everything God wants for your marriage.  If you've lost that spark in your marriage, if you need to hone your communication or other relational skills, if you need help identifying roadblocks in your marriage, if you need motivation to move your marriage forward, we are here to help you.  As marriage coaches, we'll work hand-in-hand with you to stretch, expand and maximize the potential in your marriage, based on sound Christian principles.

We offer private coaching primarily via telephone.  Face-to-face sessions are available in the DC Metropolitan Area.

 Primary focus areas:


  • Newly Married Couples (0-5 years)
  • Couples with Young Children
  • Second Marriages
  • Blended Families
  • Couples dealing with Infidelity


Coaching Packages:


Gold Package - This package includes eight (8) coaching sessions.  It's perfect for couples interested in devising a tailored, marital plan covering all the key areas: mindset, effective communication, friendship and connection, conflict management, finances and intimacy. Additionally, we will help you tackle specific issues in your marriage.  Our goal is to help you implement actions to address or manage your issues and move your marriage forward.

Silver Package - This package includes 18 coaching sessions. It's perfect for the couple that is experiencing difficulty in multiple areas of their marriage and would like assistance in identifying the issues and devising specific steps to resolve or manage them.  We will also help you develop or tweak your marital plan to account for any life changes.

The Aftermath of Infidelity: A Day with the Browns - An intense, face-to-face, 8-hour coaching session with Derrick and Davida Brown, the Founders of Marriage Rocks.

To talk to us about speaking at your next event or private coaching, please do not hesitate to call us at (202) 486-5167 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.