Commit and Dip Challenge


Are you married? If you answered yes, we CHALLENGE you and your spouse to "Commit and Dip." 


Getting married was one of the biggest, if not biggest, decision you'll ever make.  Why not protect it?  "Commit and Dip" is a fun, proactive way to help divorce-proof your marriage. When you "Commit and Dip", you declare to yourselves and the world that you commit/recommit to put God first in your marriage and make your marriage a priority - two things we believe are vital to a long-lasting marriage.  Then, you seal that commitment with a "Dip."  

Here's how it works:

Shoot a video of you and your spouse (selfie videos can work) doing the following:

(1) stating you accept the "Marriage Rocks Commit and Dip Challenge",

(2) declaring that you commit/recommit to put God first in your marriage and to make your marriage a priority, and

(3) sealing the commitment with a dip (small, big or FUNKY. It's up to you. Add in a kiss if you like).


Then post your video on our Facebook "Marriagerocks" Fan Page, your personal Facebook page, twitter and any other social medium of your choice with the hash tag, "MRCommitandDip."  In your post, nominate two other couples to take the challenge within 48 hours.  We're counting on you to help this Challenge go viral.  Not only will your participation in the Challenge light a fire in your marriage, it can show the world that being married, committed & happy is possible.

As an added bonus, couples that join the website and post their video on our "Connect" page will be entered into a pool to receive a free marital coaching session with us.  Each week, we will choose the couple with the best "dip", and highlight that couple and their video on the "Connect" page.  That couple is eligible to receive the free consultation.

We can't wait to see you "Commit and Dip." And yes, Derrick and I have accepted the challenge. See our "Commit and Dip" clip below.


Download: Download Now