Recovering from infidelity is hard. But with work, it can be done.  Not only can your marriage recover, but you can fully restore trust in your marriage. 


You already know that forgiving your spouse is essential to rebuilding the trust, but to fully restore the trust takes more. Our FREE webinar, The Aftermath of Infidelity: How Do I Trust Again?, will not only teach you the process to fully restore the trust, but give you specific exercises to actually do it.


Why are we so confident our process works? Well, several years ago, Derrick and I experienced this issue. We almost didn’t survive it, but we did, following the process and doing the exercises we will be sharing with you. Now, we're closer than ever, and using this process, we've helped other couples rebuild and restore trust in their marriage after infidelity.  We are so passionate about helping couples in this area and, yes, that includes you.  




Before I share the logisticslet me tell you who this webinar is PERFECT for...


This webinar is PERFECT for you if you’re trying to figure out if you want your marriage in light of the infidelity.

This webinar is PERFECT for you if you’ve made a decision to trust your spouse again, but don't know how to translate that decision into actually trusting your spouse.

This webinar is PERFECT for you if you are in wait-and-see mode.

This webinar is PERFECT for you if the Wall of China is around your heart.


In a nutshell, this webinar is PERFECT for you if want to trust again and are ready and committed to implementing specific steps to do just that – TRUST Your Spouse Again.




Don't delay.  This webinar has limited space and will fill up.  We almost never offer our webinars for free, as our clients pay hundreds of dollars for our coaching services, but because we are so passionate about this issue, we are making it available to a limited number of participants. We hope that includes you.  


With this webinar, you get

  •  the step-by-step process we used to fully rebuild trust in our marriage.
  • the individual and couple exercises we provide our clients to enable them to rebuild and restore trust in their marriage.
  • to submit questions prior to the event so we can cover your issues during the presentation or during the Q&A.


This webinar is a coaching session.  So come ready to take notes. Understand that after this content-rich session, you will have specific exercises to do individually and as a couple to rebuild the trust.


Webinar Date: March 5, 2015
Time: 8 pm, EST
Duration: 60 Minutes


Worried that you won’t be able to make it on the 5th or at 8 pm, EST? Don’t worry. The event is being recorded and will be available for replay for 48 hours after the event for registrants. You can listen in as often as you’d like. Simply go to the event page link you will receive after registration.


So what are you waiting for. Register now! Space is limited!




 Remember, every day is a new opportunity to move your marriage forward.


Davida and Derrick Brown

Vida Brown

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