Tuesday, 26 August 2014 20:57

Julie and Michael


How did you meet? We met in college, then didn't see each other for a
couple years. When we bumped into each other again we knew it was
forever!!! ♥

When and how did you get engaged? My wonderful guy bought a ring, got down
on his knee, told me that he loved me and couldn't spend the rest of his
life without me, then asked me the big question. Of course I said yes,
then we went to a romantic restaurant! ♥

Why did you choose to marry your spouse?  Because he's a great Christian
man. He's honest, he loves me and my Mama. He loves animals. He's just
perfect for me!

Tell us about your wedding day. Oh wow! It was beautiful, cold but a
beautiful sunny day! We both cried tears of joy. It was a beautiful
ceremony. The way he looked at me when I walked down the aisle is
priceless! ♥

Why does your marriage ROCK? Because God is our rock! We are laid back.
We watch movies, laugh, love music. We are the same age so we talk about
the 80s and such! We just love each other! ♥

Share one tip that has helped your marriage. Prayers! Marriage isn't a
fairytale. God has to be in the center. Praying together is the most
important thing!