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William and Erica

How did you meet? My husband and I met at our old church in September 2005. My husband and I both were on the praise team and after rehearsal one night, we began to talk about his job hiring for a position since I had just lost my employment. As we talked I asked him, "where have you been all of my life?"! We both laughed and talked about everything we had gone through in our lives and found that we had so much in common, such as the location of my high school being across the street from his mother's house. I cried in his arms as I was sharing my past hurts and he was and still is a gentleman. Needless to say, our conversation never ended and we were married December 17, 2005. If our Lord is willing, we will celebrate 9 years of Holy matrimony on December 17th. To God be the glory!!!

When and how did you get engaged? After our 2nd date, my husband called me on his way home and said, "the Lord just told me that you are my wife". He said let's fast and pray together. After we fasted and prayed for a couple of days, we received the same answer. On our next date he got down on one knee, and popped the big question, "will you do me the honor of being my wife?". I said, "YES!!!"

Why did you choose to marry your spouse?  I chose to marry Mr. Partee, Jr. because he had an authentic relationship with the Lord and I had only been saved for 1 year. I felt that we would be able to grow in the Lord together and we have.

Tell us about your wedding day. We both wanted a small ceremony, so we chose to get married on Saturday, December 17, 2005 after 1pm corporate prayer at our old church. My aunt invited so many people so the church was packed. It was beautiful!

Why does your marriage ROCK? Our marriage rocks because we have both been through so much in our lives but God has been so faithful to bring us through each challenge. Our Lord has carried us through financial difficulties, car being repossessed, loss of employment, almost getting a divorce, not being able to have children, and I could go on and on. Our Jesus rocks and this is why our marriage rocks!!!

Share one tip that has helped your marriage. Keeping the Lord at the center of every challenge that arises.

Vida Brown

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