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I am on FIRE for the institution of marriage.  My passion is equipping couples with the necessary tools to have a marriage that thrives. 

In today's world, we are bombarded with negative images surrounding the institution of marriage.  We constantly hear that half of marriages fail, that it's okay to leave your marriage when things get a little rough, that divorce isn't a big deal, that those in long-term marriages aren't really happy.  I don't accept these proclamations as truths.  I know firsthand that you can have a happy and thriving marriage.  The choice is up to you.

Are you considering marriage? Do you have a so-so marriage and want more?  Are you and your spouse experiencing a specific issue in your marriage, such as infidelity, and need assistance resolving it?  My gift is helping you, as a couple, identify what's important to you and your marriage, develop a tailored plan for success in every key area of your marriage, and implement that plan with proven tips and strategies for marital success.

As a certified marriage coach, I have coached couples around the world, helping them maximize the potential in their marriage. I would love the opportunity to help you.




Official Bio

Davida Brown is a marriage enthusiast.  Disgruntled with the negative portrayal of marriage in the media, Davida co-founded Marriage Rocks, LLC., a company dedicated to changing negative societal views on the institution of marriage. 

An ambassador for marriage, Davida launched, www.yesmarriagerocks.com, an online platform that showcases happily married couples from around the world, and gives couples practical, proven tips and strategies for a marriage that will work, thrive and last a lifetime.  A practicing attorney, writer, author, and certified marriage coach, Davida uses her skills to help couples identify issues or areas of concern in their marriage, implement a plan of action to address those issues, and measure the success of that plan through accountability metrics.

Davida is particularly passionate about helping couples dealing with infidelity.  A survivor of infidelity, Davida and her husband developed a signature process to help couples that want to save their marriage after infidelity.  In her book, The Trust Is Gone. Help!, Davida coaches couples on how to rebuild the trust, and gives the specific exercises to complete individually and as couple to move beyond the infidelity.

A speaker on marriage-related issues, Davida has been featured on various radio and television program stations, including WPGC, Urban Family Talk Radio, and Channel 8 News.  She's also been featured on numerous blogs, including Superwoman Lifestyle, and in magazines, including Our Health Matters.





Vida Brown

Are you on fire for marriage? We are. Join our movement. Together, let's tell the world, show the world that MarriageROCKS!!!!!!

Website: yesmarriagerocks.com
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