Derrick and I are on fire for marriage.  We believe marriage is a sacred covenant entered into before and blessed by God.  We believe marriage is the foundation of the family.  We believe that a marriage, if healthy, will enrich each family member in enumerable ways.

But the sad fact is marriage is often portrayed in such a negative way.  The media will have you believe that your marriage will fail, that monogamy isn't practical in a marriage, that mistresses are hot, wives are not, and that you both can't pursue your dreams if you're married.  We don't accept these proclamations as truths.

Is marriage perfect?  Of course not.  Does each marriage have its ups and downs? Yep. Ours sure does. But does any of this mean you can't have a happy, healthy, committed, God-centered and fulfilling relationship.  Absolutely not.  We believe your marriage can be anything you want it to be.  Couples choose to be married.  Couples choose to be 100% committed to the success of their marriage.  Couples choose to be happy in their marriage.  We know we are not alone in these fundamental beliefs.

We launched this website primarily to celebrate the power and beauty of marriage.  Here, you can showcase your marriage.  You can connect with other couples that share your ideals for marriage.  You can share your stories of love, commitment and triumph.  So, if you are married, committed and happy, if you are engaged and ready for marriage, if you are single but believe wholeheartedly in the institution of marriage, join our movement.

We also want to equip married couples with the tools they need to have a successful marriage.  So, if you are married and want to maximize the potential of your marriage, elevating it from good to GREAT, we can help you. Our team of marital coaches can provide you the knowledge and tools needed to make your marriage thrive.

We hope you visit often and contribute your marital expertise to our online community. Together, let's do our part to make marriages last.  Together, let's tell the world, show the world - Marriage Rocks!